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Rizzy Home was started a little over 50 years ago by the grandfather of our ownership, Rizwan and Shamsu Ansari.

He was a wool merchant and at one time was the largest wool purveyor in India. Rizwan and Shamsu’s father soon took over the company and began the production of rugs, his clients being mainly in India, Europe, Germany and the Middle East. When Rizwan, the eldest brother, came into the family business, the rug manufacturing aspect of the company exploded, going from hand knotted, hand tufted and hand woven to include machine made products as well.

Some top US Retailers’ buying personnel found this beautiful nugget of a company on buying trips to India and encouraged Rizwan to bring his family’s company stateside. He did.  His brother, Shamsu Ansari, upon completing a fashion technology degree, joined the company and a textile manufacturing branch was added to this family tree of manufacturing.

As a buyer/merchandiser for a now top 100 retail group from Memphis, I discovered this little treasure of a company when searching for decorative pillows.

What I love about this company is that they are fearless when it comes to being creative in reaching clients and meeting their needs.

One brother shared with me the story of the day of his father’s memorial. His mother was distraught about what would happen to the villagers. They had been providing resources for the most elementary of necessities and how would they be able to provide that now?

He promised his mother that he would personally see to it that his father’s legacy was perpetuated and do whatever was needed to grow the business globally to be sure that the villagers and his father’s legacy moved forward.


Out of that commitment, a girl’s school was founded in Bhadohi, India. Girls have the opportunity to be educated and are provided not only that education, but shelter and meals as needed. Ambulatory clinics are sponsored and wellness checks are conducted by health care professionals in villages that are rural and would otherwise not have access to basic health care. All of this goes without accolades and with the humility of servant leadership and a servant’s heart toward their fellow villagers.

We love the fearless bridge between blending state of the art technology with centuries old handicraft and artisan craft techniques that machines are not capable of duplicating. We love their love demonstrated through acts of kindness toward their fellow villagers. We love their making sure that our factories are in compliance with safety and human rights initiatives and certified as such.

We love that our ownership cares for our global environment and recycles 1.5 million plastic bottles daily, turning waste that would explode landfills and garbage dumps;

cleans it and turns it into beautifully adapted products for our living spaces.  We love their get-it-done attitude. We love their social and global human and environmental consciousness.

We love the servant hearts of our owners.

about our author

An avid gardener, farmer, farm to table enthusiast, beekeeper, daughter, mother, grand nana, product designer, former retail sales aficionado, interior designer, and retail store buyer;

Teresa Parris has a zest for life and an energy that is ridiculous.

You will find her at markets sharing Rizzy products with designers and America’s top furniture and accessory retailers, setting Rizzy showrooms, designing creative touches and orchestrating the overall hospitality the showroom exudes.  

At home, you will find her transplanting wild raspberries and blackberries from the fence rows of her 40 acre farm into more accessible berry picking patches (Her grandfather bought the original plot of 140 acres in 1927. She was born and raised there, leaving post college, never planning to return).

You may also find her harvesting vegetables into vintage enameled dishpans, or engaging one of the horses that have found retirement sanctuary there.

Beside her favorite chair, you will find her “nest”; stacks of the top architectural and design magazines, recipe books that are being preened for wonderful new yummies, a menagerie of heirloom and organic seed catalogs, and beekeeping tutorials.

Then, there are the random pages dotted with Post-it notes - random ideas, special colors, or applications that will find themselves interpreted into Rizzy Home products or showroom displays.

 “I do my best creative work LATE at night when the house has grown quiet or when my hands are in the dirt,” she says.

“There is something about the smell of fresh air, dirt, the hope a seed brings, and being surrounded by a bustling family that puts this short journey into perspective...


My favorite saying,” Teresa shares, “is from the 1958 movie, Auntie Mame.


’Life is a feast and most poor saps are starving to death.’ It just reminds me to SLOW DOWN, SEE and CHERISH the wonders that are ALL around us.”