It's Almost Over

It is almost over - THANK GOODNESS! We have lived it, relived it, evaluated it, deciphered every element of it, and just about driven ourselves mad with all the nuances and “what if’s” of this year. We have tried to make prudent decisions and slice through the divisiveness, political firestorms, natural disasters, and make it to the end of this hot mess. We are almost there.

A popular restaurant in the historic part of our little town caught fire in the early hours of the morning Thursday. Love sprang into action. There was an immediate outpouring of concern for the owners, the employees, and the gut-punch that having no employment at this time of year would deliver to the families – the people who work there. Within hours, funds were organized and restaurants across the city began to adopt employees and their families. Even very small businesses stepped up and offered employment until these owners and employees could get back on their feet.

I am so proud of this town and so proud to call it home.

If there is one thing this year has taught us it is that none of us are an island. What we do DOES matter. Every detail matters. What we think matters and that we put feet and hands to these thoughts and concerns is the tripwire that transitions a thought into a positive step forward. Positive steps forward create positive inertia and inertia waves of movement. There are so many things that we have learned this year. Some of those things have forced us to clarify goals and beliefs we thought we held and to grasp firmly that the healing of the whole is dependent on each individual doing their part and doing that part starts right where we are planted. This year has taught us that good can spring from events that began as tragedies racked in suffering and despair.

On behalf of Rizzy Home, our owners, and all our staff, we wish all of you a love -soaked holiday season full of peace, hope, and laughter.

All the best for 2021.

If you are interested in donating to help the families of the employees of Crawdaddy's, please click the link below and you will be redirected to their gofundme page. Thank you!

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