Trash to Treasures

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Take a look at how everyday trash is turned into your trendy, household treasures!

“I buy trash, I sell treasures” – this sign hangs above the door of one of the “junk” stores I frequent in search of some ambiguous article that is bound to make its way into my antique glass collection or just into my overstuffed cabinets.

This week, however, this sign spawned a more intrinsic thought of how our Rizzy Rizzizes LITERAL TRASH and turns it into the most beautiful articles for our homes.

Our Rizwan secures TRASH - literally 1.6 MILLION plastic bottles DAILY.

These bottles are cleaned thoroughly and chipped. These chips are then melted and pigments are mixed with these opaque or clear melted chips. This molten plastic is then extruded through spinnerets as a fiber that cools into a thread from the time it leaves the spinnerets until reaching the bobbins at the bottom.

These fibers are then spun together to make yarns and those yarns are then used (either tufted or woven) into amazing rugs. Depending on the backing utilized, this product then can be used outdoors, indoors or ANYWHERE you chose in your amazing living space.

To achieve other artful designs, two or more different colors can be spun together to make a multi-colored yarn and creates additional visual interest. You will find these yarns woven into pillows, throws, and rugs.

It takes about 175 bottles to make ONE 5x8 rug.

We have these products in our line for purchase NOW, and a second wave of these amazing products have already been selected to go into our line and will be available for purchase at the fall markets for immediate delivery. #2020HighPointMarket #2020LasVegasMarket

So as you snuggle into your Adirondack chair around your own personal fire pit this fall, please consider a snuggle under an OUTDOOR throw, an amazing VERY soft rug under your socked feet, a beautifully sophisticated pillow at your back. . .

And they were ALL generated from what would have been simply trash.

We applaud our company’s commitment to giving our environment a hug. We know our Earth is struggling under the weight of the burden of environmental trash.

We hope that you will make this TRASH, YOUR treasure and join your communities’ efforts to recycle, repurpose, and reuse.

We also celebrate other companies (see this amazing vest that one of our local retailer’s employees are sporting) that are taking notice and embracing their own PERSONAL commitment in ANY way to make a difference.

One company alone may not be able to make a noticeable impact. However, with our arms linked TOGETHER, COLLECTIVELY, we surely CAN.

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