Trends for 2022

September is almost gone and as we gear toward the end of this hot mess and gear up for Q4 selling season, we look to the future. What is hot, what is not, and what will be coming out of left field that we need to prepare for that will just knock our socks off.

There are amazing agencies that creatives tap into to get the pulse on what is trending from innovators and style researchers across ALL global markets. From the auto industry to packaging research to the driving force of women’s’ apparel, we look in every nook and cranny and out as far as one can possibly discern to plan the best possible product for your living spaces.

Here is a peek down the rabbit hole into the wonderland that is the future in 2022.

We touched recently on the need to emerge from this pandemic “running with the tried and true horses” and that is reflected in the color choices for 2022. Over 30% of the colors trending are carried over from former seasons as a more cautious approach is reflected in color choices. We are also seeing shades and tones of those tried and trues just being slightly altered to fit into the changing seasons and seasonal applications. The philosophy behind these color selections gathers a collection of colors that promote a sense of wellbeing, that are locally inspired, and that promote joy and happiness. This block of colors seeks to promote restoration and energize us, focus our attention on local resources like food and entertainment - farm to table and organic, local experiences, and seek to encourage optimism and boost our moods.

In developing Rizzy Home’s products, we follow two core color palettes - what I refer to as a soft neutral color palette and one that is brighter. The soft neutrals naturally are restful and have a calm and balanced nature. The brighter palette has a more optimistic, energizing tone and inspires joy and creativity yet with a tranquil mental energy - quieting mental static or noise.

For global color as well as Rizzy’s color theme, we start with a foundation bank of colors. They are the classics for the year. These colors are translated into upholstery, wood finishes and will be reflected in more durable good-type purchases - flooring, countertops, cabinetry and even in some appliances. These colors will also be reflected in leading paint manufacturers’ core color palettes and coordinated with the secondary and more accent palettes as they develop their lifestyle trends and products.

That core will remain rather solid giving only slightly even globally. The colors for that core are:

Around those basics are hues of colors that will “work back to” a variety of the core colors and be used as the “fashion” supporting cast members to the core colors (main characters). For 2022, more pinks than reds are on the radar. Saturated and muted tones are on the docket. Greens range from the palest pale to a saturated tone soooo deep, it is a green based black. Blues have the broadest variety of hues from darkest teals to inked navy to sky blue. Oranges take on a more earthen tone as terra cottas and clays - they are much more earthen than in past representations. Yellows transition from saturated orangey hues to absolute butter to green enriched hues nearing rich olive. Browns range from soft muted sand colors to deep warm taupe.

Let’s dive farther into core specific fashion colors that are expected to the limelight out of these two palettes for 2022.

Olive Green | Pantone 17 -0636TCX

This color is comes to us from its roots in nature. This color’s mood is restful, nourishing, and promotes balance. Olive oil, a healthy fat is now a modern staple in pantries around the globe. It is already making strides in menswear and women’s apparel and is seen as practical and functional. It is also a part of the color schemes found in camo which is strongly trending in both men’s and women’s apparel. Camo is not just for sportsmen any more. Olive, however, is also a strong contender standing alone as a solid.

Orchid | Pantone 19 -2434TCX

Pinks have been with us beginning with blushes for some time now - they have become rather classic when coordinating with other colors in classic palettes. We are expecting to see pink become very saturated and this trend is expected to thrive globally as well as in the US. The color inspires vitality and courage. In interiors, this color will be used in accents and accessories, wall art and even perhaps accent walls. It is eye catching and taking the beauty industry by storm. Pink will morph seasonally from the saturated corals to magenta to this orchid tone with more blue undertones added as it transitions over the seasons between here and 2022.

Butter Yellow | Pantone 12 -0824TCX

This is a color I am super excited about. Trend watches are seeing a three-year progression of yellow being more meaningful as the grays and blues have taken retail by storm. Projections are that the lemon that is popular now will gradually take on more warmth and pale as the seasons progress leaving us in 2022 with that soft earthen tone of freshly, churned butter. Home accessories, front doors, pillows and painted furniture pieces are great places to utilize this color.

Mango Orange | Pantone 15 -1058TCX

This yellow based orange as most oranges, bring energy, vitality, and vavoom.Orange is moving from the more reddish pumpkin orange of 2020 toward yellowed and softened hues. By 2022, this color will brighten just a little in 2021 and then settle into a lovely muted tone, more earthen and saturated but muted slightly to take the edge off the energy - it will be motivating but not spastic.This color is a great accent to the core and to greens- especially the olive hues. It also works well with the blues (navy especially) and creams. More tropical palettes can utilize this color for a contemporary appeal or 60s throwback with a modern approach.

Atlantic Blue | Pantone 18 -4034TCX

Blue has a calming, peaceful psychology in any application. This trend carries over from several seasons. We started with an aqua tone which was the most “popular” color of 2019 and have progressed through to these deeper more saturated blues with hearty green influences. This color interpretation lends itself to global applications and because of its staying power and the staying power of its tones and hues, it is quickly being recognized as a basic in both men’s and women’s fashion as well as home interiors- paints, accessories, fabric fashions and more core than fringe in every aspect of home décor.

The bright palette 2022 consists of the following colors:

The neutral color palette forecast for 2022 consists of the following colors:

Where else will you see these colors and their impacts as we move from 2020 to 2022? Mercedes-Benz has a concept car that features the ability of the driver to change the color interactively based on the mood or wishes of the driver. With so many generations executing purchasing decisions based on “experience” rather than just product and price. It is critical we in the creative folds of our industry stay mindful of how many touch points color has in our everyday lives. How we incorporate our use of these colors into innovative applications as we create products that will bring enhanced mood and elevated spirits to our clients’ end consumers will be the focus of our moving forward into more optimistic times. 2022 here we come!

* Note - These palettes are developed and published by WGSN Trend Service.

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